A downloadable hack

Maybe you've played other RPGs with dice pools and a wider range of success levels for rolls... 

Maybe you'd like some mechanics to support you in your goal of making play a bit more dynamic, a bit more "sand-boxy", a little lighter in pre-session prep...

This hack makes some (relatively) small changes to chapter 7 of ToE to turn the dice mechanic into a dice pool, and give rolls four result levels, in a fun and simple way:

  • Failure and a consequence
  • Success with a consequence
  • Success
  • Success with bonus effect

Consequences are complications or twists in the story that make the adventure more interesting and exciting for the players and the GM.

Blades in the Dark and Magical Kitties Save the Day were the two largest sources of inspiration.


Dice Pool Hack ToE v0.2.pdf 763 kB