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The PARAGON SYSTEM is a tabletop roleplaying game system found in the AGON TTRPG by John Harper (designer of Blades in the Dark) and Sean Nittner. The core system is adaptable to a variety of settings and premises with only a few key changes, compiled into a reference document called a “playset.”

Daragon 5e is a Paragon playset, in the flavour of D&D 5e (a copy of Agon 2e is needed to play Daragon 5e). PCs have levels, race/class, HP, XP, gear, and artefacts, all within the framework of Paragon's mechanics. Play existing D&D 5e adventures, or the islands from Agon reflavoured as D&D fantasy, or create your own high fantasy quests.

TTRPGs are tabletop rpgs, played by a small group of people with paper and dice in-person, or with substitutes for paper and dice online.


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